Despite presence of other mobile platforms the reason why most first-time smartphone buyers opt for either iOS or Android simply comes down to apps. There’s a substantial app-gap between these two platforms and their rivals, who are doing the best they can to entice developers just so they can catch up. Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has been working with developers to get their apps over to its platform. They’re now courting Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular application that is used for sending images that self-destruct after ten seconds or less. That’s the entire idea behind this app. A recent update also brought the ability to text and video chat, with history of both being wiped after participants are done. The app has been available for both iOS and Android for a long time.

During an AMA session on Reddit Windows Phone chief Joe Belfiore was asked if the company is in talks with Snapchat. Belfiore confirmed that they are indeed talking about a Snapchat for Windows Phone app, though he didn’t confirm when the app will actually be available for users. The team was only recently able to get another two popular apps on the platform. Both Instagram and Vine for Windows Phone are now finally available.

Microsoft has been hard at work to close the app-gap between its platform and the two behemoths. It may get there at some point in the future but it certainly won’t be easy.

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