Over the weekend quite a lot of Snapchat users complained about receiving Snaps, photos and videos, from people that they did not know. The popular service noticed an increase in “Snap Spam” over the weekend and it has taken notice. Snapchat says that it is currently working on resolving this issue. It also apologized for any unwanted Snaps that users might have received over the weekend.

Users might appreciate the fact that the popular startup was quick to apologize this time around. When word broke that Snapchat had been hacked and that usernames and phone numbers were available in the wild, a lot of people expected to hear an apology. It didn’t come for quite a long time, but Snapchat did ultimately say that it was sorry about the hack. It says that the Snap Spam issue doesn’t seem to be related to the hack, but it may be a consequence of its “quickly growing service.” Snapchat tells users that they should adjust their profile settings in order to determine who can send them Snaps in order to prevent spam from entering their feeds. The “Only My Friends,” option will only allow people you have added to send you self-destructing photos and videos.

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