Some people are able to pick up a foreign language in a jiffy, while others would need to go through the tedious process of memorization initially before becoming a whole lot more comfortable with the different nuances of the particular language over the course of time. Technology has made it a whole lot easier now to learn new words in a foreign language, and Spell Up is a Chrome experiment from Google that explores such a possibility, as you can view in the video above.


The Web Speech API is the glue that holds everything together, considering without it, users today are unable to speak to their smartphones, tablets and computers. Using it to help folks learn a language more easily is nothing short of a stroke of genius.

Spell Up is a new word game and Chrome Experiment which intends to help you improve your English with your voice alone, although you would also need a fairly modern browser to get this pseudo virtual spelling bee up and running. Basically, the further you progress in the game by pronouncing words correctly, the harder and more challenging it will get. Spell Up would function best in Chrome on your desktop or notebook, as well as on Android smartphones and tablets. [Press Release]

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