ilimb-ultraWe have talked about offerings from Touch Bionics in the past, where this manufacturer of high-end hand prostheses do deliver a way for the disabled to be able to live a more mobile and independent lifestyle. Well, Touch Bionics has just announced a new range of technologies which will be able to enhance their i-limb ultra revolution bionic hand, with the grip chips coming under scrutiny this time around. The grip chips are coin-sized Bluetooth-enabled devices which can be stuck to any object.

This enables the grip chips to activate a particular grip of the bionic hand automatically when it draws near to the object. Take for instance, when you are right smack in front of a computer, the bionic hand will fold all but one of the fingers by itself in order to make typing on a keyboard easier. So far, there are 36 different grip options at the moment which can be programmed using a mobile app, now how about that? Apart from that, you might be interested to know that the new i-limb skin active TS prosthetic hand surface will also play nice with touchscreen devices, and all i-limb devices are said to be now compatible with the Android platform. [Press Release]

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