twitter_logoTwitter is an interesting medium to put forth one’s ideas, and we have seen how Twitter is used to document the banter between a couple who have broken up due to infidelity issues, or even to recreate the exact happenings of D-Day, not to mention “watching” an entire movie via tweets. Well, you can add this to another list of quirky Twitter usage trivia – it takes 7 long years to tweet every single word in the English language at an interval of 30 minutes.

One early morning on November 30th, 2007, a newly created Twitter account sent out its first tweet, with the letter “a”. 30 minutes passed before the next word was tweeted, also starting with the letter “a”. Basically, this Twitter account was created to depict words in the English language, doing so by following the alphabetical order.

The Twitter account, @Everyword, had a mission that has been described as “Twittering every word in the English language.” It was three years ago when the account mentioned that it would complete its task in a couple of years’ time, but it seemed to have missed the schedule since it is tipped to finally finish its noble task this coming Saturday. @Everyword is the brainchild of Adam Parish, and the final tweet would signal the end of 109,229 words. We are at “zucchini” now as at press time.

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