lifting patent sensor on barApple is rumored to launch the iWatch in October and we guess based on the name itself, it seems that the device will be a watch-like gadget which will most likely be worn on the wrist. However could there be other uses to the iWatch apart from being a watch-like device? We have heard rumors about how it will be health-focused, but in what way?

Well according to a patent file by Apple (discovered by AppleInsider), it talks about a transmitter device that can be attached to a weightlifting bar. By attaching to a weightlifting bar, the transmitter will be able to pick up information like how many repetitions are being done with it. This will be achieved through a variety of sensors such as an accelerometer, processor, Hall effect sensor, and so on.

If anything it sounds like the kind of features and components that a health-focused smartwatch could have. It is unclear if Apple plans to allow users to use the watch to gather such information, or if it will be a separate accessory which will then be able to beam the information back to the watch, although the former sounds like a more elegant solution.

According to the patent’s description, “In one embodiment, display 512 is part of a watch (or a MP3 player or a cell phone) that may be seen when worn or used by the user when performing exercises; and measurements determined by processor are transmitted to the watch (or to the MP3 player or cell phone) for display.” Interesting. What do you guys think?

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