Apple Watch To Be Used To Study Patients With Knee & Hip Replacements

Apple had previously conducted a clinical study with the Apple Watch on how it might be able to better detect and analyze the wearer’s heart rate. We had also heard that they are planning on donating Apple Watches to a study on binge eating, and it looks like Apple is nowhere close to slowing down.

Apple To Donate Apple Watches For Binge Eating Study

We know that Apple had previously used the Apple Watch in a study with Stanford to determine if the device was good enough to track your heart rate and rhythm. It seems that the study helped them come up with new features for the Apple Watch and improve on existing ones. Now it seems that the company could be interested in tackling another health aspect: binge eating.

Apple Watch Series 4’s Battery Good Enough For Sleep Tracking And All-Day Wear

Battery life for most smartwatches aren’t particularly long, and having to charge them every few days (versus traditional watches that almost never need to be charged) is a bit off-putting for some. However it seems that Apple has made some improvements with the Apple Watch Series 4 that could convince people to hop on board.

Paramedic Thinks The Apple Watch Series 4 Can Save Lives

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 4 not too long ago and the device comes with several new capabilities, such as fall detection and a built-in ECG monitoring tool. Now in the past we have heard stories of how the Apple Watch has saved many lives by alerting the wearer to abnormal heart rates, but it seems that the Series 4 could be even better at doing so.


ECG Feature Still Missing In watchOS 5.1 Beta 3

One of the “killer” features of the Apple Watch Series 4 that really puts it head and shoulders above the competition is a built-in ECG monitoring tool. While Apple is not the first company to introduce a wearable ECG monitor for smartwatches, they are the first to actually incorporate it into the smartwatch itself.

Some Apple Watch Series 4 Are Crashing & Rebooting

Usually whenever companies release brand new products or brand new software, more often than not there are issues that might have been missed during the testing phase. This is normal, although it can get rather annoying, which is what some Apple Watch Series 4 users are finding with their brand new purchases.

Survey Shows The Most Popular Things Users Do With Their Apple Watch

People get smartwatches like the Apple Watch for all kinds of reasons. Some buy it for fitness purposes, some buy it for smart features it offers, some buy it because it’s trendy, and the list goes on. However for those curious as to what most users use their Apple Watch for, the folks at Creative Strategies conducted a survey to find out.

Apple Watch ECG Feature For The UK Might Not Be Approved For Years

The key feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the built-in ECG feature. While Apple warned that it should not be used as a replacement for professional grade medical equipment, the fact that you can walk around with an ECG strapped to your wrist does help users better track their health.

Apple Taps Compal For Apple Watch Production Following Strong Demand

Apple has typically been very secretive about how many Apple Watches that they have sold. We’re not sure why they have yet to officially reveal the numbers, especially when the Apple Watch is said to be the best-selling smartwatch, so you’d think that this would be something Apple would be eager to prove.

Apple Watch Series 4’s Fall Detection Could Get You Arrested

One of the health benefits Apple touted of the Apple Watch Series 4 is its ability to detect falls. This means that in the event that you fall, the watch will be able to detect it and will require a prompt from the user, if not it will dial 911 to send someone to your location should you be seriously injured or unconscious.

Apple Watch Series 4 Spec Sheet Reveals Smaller Battery

Unlike traditional timepieces, smartwatches typically require to be charged on a daily basis. We haven’t really gotten to the point where we can wear our smartwatches for weeks on end before needing a recharge, and this is why with every new generation, it is hoped that battery life is one of the improvements we will see.

Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection Is Off By Default

While the most obvious changes Apple made to the Apple Watch Series 4 is by increasing its screen size, the company did make a ton of changes and improvements under the hood. For example of the its features is fall detection where it can tell when the wearer has fallen and there is even the option of calling for help.

Belkin Unveils New Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock For The iPhone & Apple Watch

At this point in time, it is really anyone’s guess as to when Apple will launch the AirPower charging mat, or rather if they plan to do so after hearing reports about it facing various technical hurdles. However thankfully for iPhone users seeking alternatives, Belkin is more than happy to oblige.

John Hancock Life Insurance Accepts Activity Tracking As An Option

In the past we have seen how some insurance companies have actually encouraged their customers to use devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit fitness trackers. They even offered customers incentives for meeting certain health/fitness goals.