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Apple Watch Study Wants To Help Detect Potential Early Heart Failure
The Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor might have seemed like a novel feature at launch, but over the years, we’ve come across too many stories of how the feature has saved many lives by alerting the wearer to potential heart issues, allowing them to get themselves checked out before it was too late.

Over 100 Million People Are Wearing The Apple Watch
There are so many different wearables to choose from in the market right now. You have devices powered by Google’s Wear OS, then you have companies who create their own smartwatch platforms like Samsung, then you also have fitness trackers, and then you also have the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Can Predict COVID-19 A Week Before A Swab Test
While the race is on to try and vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible, being able to detect the coronavirus early and contain it is probably one of the next best things we can do. However, as the virus can take as long as 14 days to incubate, this means that in the meantime, people who are infected and don’t know it might be going around infecting others.

Apple Watch Saves 58-Year Old Runner’s Life
Just because you workout everyday doesn’t necessarily mean that you are 100% healthy. There could be other underlying issues that you might not be aware of. Take for example 58-year old Bob March, whose wife, Lori March, gave him an Apple Watch for their 17th wedding anniversary.


How to Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch
As the Apple Watch isn’t offered in various storage configurations, it means that you might encounter an issue where your watch runs out of space, but here’s how you can free up that valuable space.

iOS 14.5 Will Let iPhone Users Unlock Their Devices With The Apple Watch
We expect that for the foreseeable future, we will all still be wearing masks in public. This in turn makes features like Face ID a bit annoying to use. Apple has made some changes where if it detects a mask, users will be prompted to enter their PIN instead, but it’s still quite a hassle for a feature that’s meant to be hassle-free.

Future Apple Watch Could Have Improved Haptic Feedback
The Apple Watch comes with a hardware feature called the Taptic engine. This is a standalone component inside the watch that provides the wearer with haptic feedback to let them know about notifications, alerts to high heart rates, reminders to stand up, and more. However, it isn’t necessarily the strongest haptic feedback.

Apple Watch Saves A Cyclist’s Life After Being Swept Away By Floods
Over the years, we’ve come across various stories and reports of how the Apple Watch has saved the lives of its users, whether it be notifying them to potential heart problems, or helping them to call for help when in distress. We can now add one more story to that list as the Apple Watch has once again been credited with saving another life.

This Is How Apple’s Non-Invasive Blood Monitoring Apple Watch Feature Could Work
A recent report suggested that Apple could have finally figured out a way to include a blood sugar monitoring tool in the Apple Watch. More importantly, this method is said to be a noninvasive method that will not require users to prick their fingers to draw blood, which can be a bit unsanitary depending on where you are.

Next-Gen Samsung And Apple Smartwatches Could Measure Blood Sugar Levels
For years, it has been rumored that Apple has been trying to come up with a way to introduce a painless and bloodless method of blood sugar monitoring in the Apple Watch. It turns out that maybe this could be that year, or at least that’s what a report from Korea’s ETNews is claiming.

Police Track Down Kidnapped Woman Through Her Apple Watch
A lot of our mobile devices come with GPS these days. This isn’t so much that companies want to know where you are, but rather it is used for health and fitness related apps, navigation apps, and so on. The inclusion of GPS can also be a good thing, like in the case of a woman who was kidnapped but later rescued by police who used her Apple Watch to […]

Kensington’s StudioDock Is Perfect If You’ve Bought Into The Apple Ecosystem
If you’ve completely bought into the Apple ecosystem and own multiple Apple products like an iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, and more, then you might be interested in taking a look at Kensington’s latest offering that the company unveiled at CES 2021 – the Kensington StudioDock.

Apple Wants To Put Blood Pressure Monitoring On The Apple Watch
Over the years since the Apple Watch was launched, Apple has slowly added new health tracking features. The smartwatch initially debuted with a heart rate monitor, which was later followed by an ECG monitor, and then more recently, a blood oxygen monitor, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that maybe blood pressure monitoring could be next.

Apple Adjusts Trade-In Value For Some Of Its Products
One of the ways to save money on a new product would be to trade-in an older product. Apple is a company that accepts trade-ins of its older products and you get credit towards its newer ones. However, it seems that the company has recently made some adjustments to the value of some of their devices.

Apple Watch Could One Day Gain A Side Button Touch ID
On the iPhone, users can protect their devices through a variety of ways like Touch ID, Face ID, or using a PIN code. On the Apple Watch, it’s a different story. The way the Apple Watch verifies the user is through the heart rate sensor, which means that even if someone stole your watch and tried to use Apple Pay on it to pay for stuff, they cannot.

Apple Might Have Figured Out How To Put A Camera On The Apple Watch
If there is one feature that’s “missing” from the Apple Watch, it would be a camera. We’ve seen some third-party alternatives, but they add quite a bit of bulk and heft to the watch, which we’re sure that not everyone will necessarily appreciate. However, it seems that Apple might have figured out a way.

Apple Watch Can Now Warn Users When Their Cardio Levels Are Low
The Apple Watch has a lot of health features built into it and also features designed to help encourage people to be more active. This includes things like reminding people to stand at least once every hour, reminding them to complete their activity circles, and so on. It can also alert people to things like an unnaturally high heart rate or irregular heart rate.

Apple HIt With Lawsuit Over The Apple Watch’s ECG Monitor
The Apple Watch’s ECG feature seems to be a hit. While some doctors remain skeptical about the feature, we’ve come across multiple stories in the past about how the ECG monitoring tool actually helped save the lives of quite a few users by alerting them to irregular heart beats.

An Apple Watch With Flat Sides Actually Looks Pretty Good
When Apple was first rumored to launch a smartwatch, many had expected the company to go with a more traditional watch design with a circular face, but instead the company opted for a square face with rounded edges and corners. On hindsight, it made sense as this followed the design language of the company’s iPhones at that time.

Analysts Believe Apple Could One Day Introduce Hardware Subscriptions
Right now when it comes to buying a new Apple product, you’d have to buy it outright, or get it on an installment plan from a carrier if they’re selling it. You can also trade-in an older device and use the credit towards a new one. However, it seems that maybe in the future, Apple could consider introducing a hardware-based subscription.