Security is definitely high on the list in any private or public buildings, especially during after hours when the number of people in the building itself is minimal. Thankfully, there are security solutions that improve alongside the advent of technology, where the presence of cameras in strategic locations will be able to allow a skeleton crew of security folk mind the place from a central location without having to roam around unless necessary. Scientists at Birmingham University are currently testing out technology for the future, resulting in Bob the metal minder who is able to patrol an office, never mind that there are humans around the place.

This robot security guard is being tested at the Tewkesbury office of security company G4S, and Bob is smart enough to make his own decisions, similar to any regular human security guards.Whenever Bob enters a room, he will capture a 3D scan of said room before using his built-in algorithms to figure out whether anything is out of the ordinary, before making a decision on whether to report it or not.

Fret not should Bob run low on battery, as he is smart enough to make his way to a nearby docking station in order to recharge. Of course, Bob is not a replacement for security officers, at least not at the moment, but functions more as a complementary activity.

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