cliffhorseMinecraft is one particular gaming title that has done exceptionally well for itself, regardless of the numerous platforms on which it has rolled out on in the past. In fact, one does start to wonder, will there be another game from Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson that will be just as successful, or even more? We all know how a phenomenally successful project could end up as a bane to a company, just like how Angry Birds continues to be the only thing that Rovio is most famous for. Having said that, Persson’s latest game, known as Cliffhorse, is something worth checking out – considering how it was pieced together in a matter of just two hours via the Unity game engine.

Persson claims that everything was constructed with the assets that have already appeared on Unity, where the game will feature a horse that seemingly defies gravity, “galloping” around an open area while batting an over-sized ball around using its head. One of the quirkier game concepts, don’t you think so?

This game might never end up as a full title, as there is every possibility of it ending up as a spoof of a title. In fact, Persson has shared that his initial tweet which advertised the “early access” title had managed to pull in over $100 in funds within hours, and a website that was subsequently created to promote the game did not have any promises of future updates.

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