quality-sleepHave you read “The Princess and the Pea” before? That is one ultra sensitive princess, where the mattresses in the entire kingdom were so lousy that she was able to feel the presence of a pea right at the bottom of a stack of mattresses. Well, if only this spoilt princess lived in the current era – science might have been able to come to her rescue. Apparently, scientists have figured out a way to develop a new cloaking device which is capable of blocking touch, where it might end up in a far more restful night’s sleep.

Basically, the scientists have come up with a radical cloaking device which is touted to be able to stop a device from being touched. The experiment itself is called the ‘princess and the pea’, which is pretty apt, and it intends to continue developing optical, heat and sound cloaking devices.

According to the researchers, this particular work is able to usher in a new generation of extremely comfortable thin mattresses. This group of scientists hail from the Karschule Institute of Technology, and it has been said, “It is like in Hans-Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about the princess and the pea. The princess feels the pea in spite of the mattresses. When using our new material, however, one mattress would be sufficient for the princess to sleep well.”

The material is made up of precisely calculated needle-shaped elements, where the amount of componental precision will make it “work”, so to speak.

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