Ever since its marketplace was shut down the future of Games for Windows Live has been uncertain. The often criticized service lives on sans the marketplace but recently rumored started circulating that Microsoft has decided to pull the plug once and for all. Apparently the company was going to shut off this online gaming service for the PC on July 1st. This obviously troubled folks who have stacked up achievements, gamertags and more on Games for Windows Live. Fortunately Microsoft has released an official statement on the matter.

When asked by GameInformer about the rumors that Games For Windows Live would be shut down on July 1st, Microsoft said that it is “continuing to support” the service, reiterating that it was as part of the retirement of Microsoft Points that the marketplace for PC games was closed.

Now even though new games can not be purchased through the service and updates can not be received, users can still use previously purchased content by downloading it through the Games for Windows Live client. Microsoft says that it remains “committed to investing in PC gaming in the years ahead.”

On the other hand, developers have been migrating from Games for Windows Live to Valve’s Steamworks. Even Twisted Pixel, a developer Microsoft owns, is removing GFWL implementation and replacing it with Steamworks, without changing any of Ms. Splosion Man’s levels and online multiplayer features.

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