mercedes benz ledWhen we drive our cars in the day, we don’t really give much thought to how brightly lit the roads are, mainly because the sun is doing a good job at keeping everything illuminated. However at night, that is a different story, especially if you’re driving on roads that might not be very well-lit. That being said if you were thinking about getting a new car and your car’s headlamps are a priority to you, you might be interested to learn that Mercedes-Benz will be introducing multibeam LED headlamps in their cars in the future.

So what makes these headlamps different from the rest? Well for starters these headlamps will come with 24 individually controlled high-performance LEDs. This allows for light to be controlled precisely at at the same time smart enough where it won’t blind the drivers in front of you, which can happen at night and can be incredibly dangerous too.

There will also be a camera that will be positioned behind the windscreen that will deliver information to the system, allowing it to determine which light pattern would be best as many times as 100 times per second. The lights will also bend around curves which could come in handy, especially at roundabouts.

Of course this means that drivers might need to fork out money for a brand new Mercedes-Benz which can be pretty pricey, but if you have the cash to splash, it could be worth your consideration.

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