There are many who are no doubt wondering what the future holds in terms of transportation. Will we be flying in the skies in our personal vehicles? Are cars on the ground still going to be relevant? Or might we have figured out how to teleport from one place to another? In the meantime, carmakers have been working on all kinds of ideas.

Mercedes-Benz is one of them as the company has recently taken the wraps off a new concept vehicle in the form of the AVTR. If you’re thinking that this sounds like “Avatar”, you would be correct, and according to the company, this car was designed with the help from Avatar’s director, James Cameron.

According to the company, the car will feature “organic” like parts such as bionic flaps (or scales) that can be used to communicate with people outside of the car. Its spherical wheels have also been inspired by the seeds of the Tree of Souls from the movie, and will also allow the car to move in multiple directions.

Other funky and futuristic features of the car include a controller that will vibrate to the pace of your heart and your breathing, showing how humans and machines can “merge” with each other. That being said, this is merely a concept and we doubt that it will ever get made, but it is still a pretty interesting design all the same.

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