Mercedes-Benz is unveiling an innovative user interface at CES 2024, featuring a human-like virtual assistant powered by generative AI. The MBUX Virtual Assistant, running on the Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), aims to redefine the user experience by incorporating advanced software and generative AI for a more natural and intuitive interaction with the car.

The assistant, now in a visual dimension created with Unity’s high-resolution game-engine graphics, is set to roll out with the upcoming MMA platform vehicles. With four key personality traits—Natural, Predictive, Personal, and Empathetic—it creates a human-like interface, offering voice and graphic interactions.

A teaser of the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons Era 2 viewable in the MBUX Collectibles App.

Leveraging generative AI and proactive intelligence, it provides proactive suggestions and routines based on learned behavior, situational context, and user preferences. It can even automate processes, such as dialing into a meeting if the driver is running late.

Mercedes Benz’s new AI Assistant. (Image: Merdeces Benz)

Visual communication is improved with the MBUX Surround Navigation, integrating real-world views with 3D graphics, and providing an intuitive overview of the car’s surroundings; The 3D graphics, created with Unity’s game engine, enhance the communication with a ‘living’ star avatar expressing various moods and states.

The first integration of cloud gaming into a Mercedes-Benz will include Antstream Arcade’s extensive collection of retro games.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz introduces new third-party apps and content, accessible through over-the-air updates, offering enhanced productivity and entertainment features. Notably, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s RIDEVU service is integrated into the video streaming offering, allowing customers to rent and purchase content directly from their vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz’s video streaming offering will be enhanced through the integration of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s (SPE) cutting-edge RIDEVU service.

The MBUX Collectibles app introduces digital art and collectibles based on NFTs, enabling users to showcase their private art gallery in the car.

The Concept CLA Class, making its North American premiere at CES 2024, serves as a preview of the MB.OS technology. Running on the MMA platform, the vehicles based on MB.OS will feature a hyper-personalized experience, with deep integration into the vehicle and constant updates, decoupling software and hardware innovation cycles.

The innovative user interface and features showcased at CES underline Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to a more personalized and connected driving experience.

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