As digital downloads become popular as opposed to physical CDs and streaming music services rise to even greater heights most of our music these days either lives in our mobile devices or in the cloud. This means that you probably won’t be able to take advantage of a speaker system that you already have without relying upon wires and cables. Sure there are a lot of wireless systems available in the market but why spend the money when you can stream music wirelessly to your existing system? Moto Stream lets you do just that.

Its not a product that many would have expected from Motorola particularly when there are already a plethora of similar products out there but the Lenovo-owned company today officially unveiled the Moto Stream. Its basically a portable wireless adaptor that plugs into a speaker or stereo system.

It then allows you to stream music via Bluetooth, so its compatible with a wide range of devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets and computers. Don’t worry if your music lives in the cloud. Its possible to play music from apps like Pandora, Spotify and Google Play as well.

Up to five Bluetooth devices can be connected. There’s a Heist Mode which basically lets you hijack the stream if you don’t like the song that’s playing and instead play something you like from your own device. NFC pairing is also possible allowing one tap link-up with the Moto Stream. Motorola promises 300 feet of Bluetooth range with this nifty little device.

Moto Stream is available for purchase starting today from Motorola’s website for $49.99. It will be from RadioShack starting June 6th.

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