There are plenty of devices available in the market right now that let you stream content from a computer or a mobile device to a TV. Last year Google stepped into this arena as well with the Chromecast, a $35 HDMI dongle that’s powered by Android. For quite some time now there have been rumors that a Mozilla Chromecast competitor is in the pipeline and earlier this week the world got its very first look at Mozilla’s streaming device.

Christian Heilmann, a Mozilla developer, posted a picture on Twitter this week of what appears to be a nearly finished product. This project was supposedly meant to be under wraps for at least a few more weeks but since the photo was posted news about the device started to leak out.

The major difference between Chromecast and Mozilla’s Firefox Os powered competitor is going to be that the latter will embrace the concept of openness. Google’s dongle restricts certain kinds of content and is only compatible with select platforms. Mozilla’s device is reportedly going to be open to developers and may even bring streaming functionality to platforms like Windows Phone. 

Gigaom got to play around with a prototype of this unnamed device which is apparently being shared “with a very small circle of developers” at this point in time. It is not known when this device is going to hit the market and in how many markets will it be sold, and for how much.

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