Bq4gqQaIUAATY3-About a month ago, Motorola announced a new smartphone in the form of the Moto E. The device is a low-end Android smartphone from Motorola that was priced at an incredibly affordable $129 without a contract, so it would definitely be great for those who might be a little strapped for cash. Now with Verizon offering the Moto G, could they soon be planning on selling the Moto E as well?

Well according to a leaked image posted by @evleaks, it shows off a hard shell case for a certain Motorola device called the Motorola Victara. Now based on the image, it’s a bit hard to tell if this shell is designed for the Moto E or the Moto X+1. According to an earlier leaked image, it showed off the alleged Moto X+1 encased in a similar case.

Some are speculating that because of that, the handset pictured above could be referring to the Moto X+1. At the same time the design of the phone does resemble that of the Moto E, so perhaps it could be referring to that as well. In any case we’ll keep the speculation to a minimum for now, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information about the Motorola Victara.

In the meantime what do you guys think? Could the leaked image for the Motorola Victara be referring to the Moto E or the Moto X+1?

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