samsung-logoSamsung has a pretty clear cut way of labeling their products to help their customers differentiate between their smartphones, tablets, and wearables. For example their smartphones and tablets are usually referred to as Galaxy devices as they run on the Android operating system. For their wearables, they’re referred to as “Gear”, which is notable in the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit, all of which do not run on Android, but Tizen.

That being said, it looks like Samsung could be planning on creating a unified app store front that will allow their wearable customers to check out apps that have been specifically created for their devices. This is thanks to a recent trademark filing filed by Samsung for the name “Gear Store”, which by itself is a dead giveaway as to what it might be about.

According to the trademark’s description, it reads, “computer application software for wearable computer peripherals, wearable computers, wearable mobile phones, smartphones, mobile phones.” As it stands, Gear-related apps can be download via the Samsung Apps store, but we guess with the Gear Store, Gear users will soon have a dedicated place to download their apps.

This probably makes sense as Samsung appears to be gearing up for more wearables in the future. It wasn’t too long ago that we spotted a trademark filing for the Gear VR name, hinting at Samsung’s plans for a wearable headset device which sounds more Oculus Rift than Google Glass.

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