watch dogs modWatch Dogs, the game that has done extremely well for itself since its release, having sold four million copies in the first week alone, is still not quite the complete article just yet. After all, no game, with a PC mod that delivers breathtaking graphics or otherwise, would be justified in being patch-free after release in this day and age. Having said that, Ubisoft has already unveiled details concerning Watch Dogs’ very first patch which is tipped to go live in a few days’ time. While the changelog that you see here happens to be that of the PC version, it is going to be more or less similar to the console version.

Basically, this upcoming update will tidy up the game, squashing the corrupted save file bug, the empty weapon-wheel as well as some segments that basically spoiled the entire multiplayer experience. Apart from that, there will also be some fixes made to ensure that annoying crashes which impact SLI configurations are a thing of the past, and both Low and Medium graphical settings will no longer experience any glitches for a smoother overall gameplay.

There will also be a game version added in the main menu, and it will take some time to see whether this particular update would have done its job in actually fixing the broken bits and pieces that actually matter.

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