Putting aside any potential privacy concerns regarding saving items into the cloud, cloud storage and syncing is actually a pretty amazing tool. This is because it allows you to access content from anywhere on any device, and typically speaking, companies tend to invest in robust hardware with 24/7 support, meaning that your storage should be pretty secure.

Unfortunately, it seems that for quite a number of gamers who rely on Ubisoft’s cloud saves, there might be an issue that is affecting titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion. Gamers are reporting that they are unable to access their cloud saves and are greeted by messages claiming that the data is corrupt, ultimately rendering them inaccessible.

This is rather disappointing given that gamers might have already racked up countless hours of play time, only to have it all disappear and essentially force them to start from scratch again. While it seems like it could be a potential issue with Ubisoft’s cloud saves, others beg to differ, although with Ubisoft keeping mum on the issue for now, we suppose we won’t know until they come forward with a statement.

At this point in time it is unclear how many players are affected or if there is some kind of resolution to the issue, but until then, gamers will have no choice but to wait for a fix.

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