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Watch Dogs: Legion For PS5, Xbox Series X Will Get A Performance Mode
Watch Dogs: Legion was released last year and if you haven’t played it but were planning on doing so with a next-gen console, then this might be good news for you. This is because Ubisoft has announced that they will be introducing a new mode to the game in the form of a performance boost.

Watch Dogs: Legion PC Multiplayer Has Been Delayed Indefinitely
If you have been playing Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion, then you might have heard that the company plans on introducing an online multiplayer mode for the game. The good news is that multiplayer for consoles is in the works and should be released soon, but unfortunately for PC gamers, you’ll have to wait.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion Players Are Losing Access to Cloud Saves
Putting aside any potential privacy concerns regarding saving items into the cloud, cloud storage and syncing is actually a pretty amazing tool. This is because it allows you to access content from anywhere on any device, and typically speaking, companies tend to invest in robust hardware with 24/7 support, meaning that your storage should be pretty secure.

Watch Dogs, A Game About Hacking, Was Hacked
The Watch Dogs franchise is essentially a cyberpunk-style game about hacking, and in a rather ironic turn of events, it appears that hackers have managed to hack Watch Dogs: Legion and stole the source code where they are now threatening to release the code online which could be rather damaging for the company and its intellectual properties.


Ubisoft Planning Animated Series For Some Of Its Franchises
While movies that are based on video games tend to do rather poorly on the big screen, animations seem to be faring better. Take for example the Angry Birds movie which did surprisingly well, and it’s not just limited to movies either, Netflix’s Castlevania has also been extremely well received.

Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Legion, Will Be Revealed At E3 2019
In recent times, there have been some rumblings to suggest that Ubisoft could be working on a new Watch Dogs game. Just the other day, an Amazon listing revealed that Ubisoft’s next Watch Dogs game could be called Watch Dogs Legion, and as it turns out, the rumors were right on the money.

Watch Dogs Legion Spotted Briefly On Amazon
It was back in 2018 that there were signs that Watch Dogs 3 could be in development. Then last month, Ubisoft created brand new social media accounts for Watch Dogs, leading to speculation that the company could be getting ready to launch a new Watch Dogs game. It turns out that all these signs could be right on the money.

Watch Dogs 3 Could Be Announced At E3 2019
There have been reports dating back to at least 2018 that hints that Watch Dogs 3 could be in development. Now according to the latest speculation, it seems that our wish could come true and that the game might be announced at E3 2019 which will be taking place next month. This is according to fan sightings of an official Watch Dogs Twitter account.

Ubisoft’s AI Hints That Watch Dogs 3 Is In Development
The last time we saw Watch Dogs was with Watch Dogs 2 that was launched in 2016, but could Watch Dogs 3 already be in the works? Given the popularity of the franchise we wouldn’t be surprised if it was, but now it looks like Ubisoft might have confirmed it themselves, or rather it might be Ubisoft’s own AI service Sam who confirmed it.

Ubisoft Has A Bunch Of Games For Free On Uplay
If you’re looking for some games to play and don’t really want to pay money for it, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ubisoft has decided to make a bunch of its games free. This includes Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 4, and World in Conflict. However note that these games are only free through Uplay, and will only be available until the 23rd of December, 2017.

Latest Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Video Highlights Open-World Co-Op And Hacking
A new gameplay video of Watch Dogs 2 has been released today by Ubisoft. It highlights the hacking experience in the second title of the Watch Dogs franchise that’s set in San Francisco, a city that’s governed using a new and improved version of ctOS. The video shows us some of the city’s most famous landmarks like Coit Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf as protagonist Marcus walks around exploiting hacking opportunities […]

Latest Watch Dogs 2 Video Puts Spotlight On Hacking And DedSec
Ubisoft unveiled the sequel to its popular Watch Dogs game a couple of months ago. Predictably titled Watch Dogs 2, the game brings an all new location, characters, and adds some interesting new gameplay elements. It presents a fictional take on the San Francisco Bay Area where version 2.0 of the ctOS is live, collecting and controlling all of the information. Hacking is an integral part of the gameplay experience […]

Ubisoft Confirms ‘Watch Dogs’ Movie In The Works
Trademark filings from last year seemed to hint that Ubisoft could be considering making a Watch Dogs movie. If you were wondering if the speculation was right on the money, turns out that it is because during E3, both Ubisoft and Sony have confirmed that a Watch Dogs movie is indeed in the works.

Watch Dogs 2 Characters, Location, Release Date Confirmed
Ubisoft has finally revealed all of the details about Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to its popular new franchise. Watch Dogs 2 presents a fictional take on the San Francisco Bay Area where version 2.0 of ctOS collects and controls all of the information. Our protagonist gets wrongly identified as a highly wanted criminal by ctOS which turns him towards bending ctOS to his own will in order to fight […]

Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe And Gold Editions Revealed
Watch Dogs 2 is one of the most anxiously awaited titles that Ubisoft is going to formally reveal in the near future. There have been some leaks here and there which have revealed some details about this game. Marketing material was leaked just yesterday which revealed where Watch Dogs 2 is based and when it’s going to be released. The latest information comes from an Amazon listing which reveals that Watch Dogs 2 […]

Ubisoft Releases New Watch Dogs 2 Teaser
The first Watch Dogs game performed well enough to ensure that Ubisoft now has a franchise on its hands. There has been a lot of speculation about Watch Dogs 2, about the characters it will feature and the city it will be based in. Ubisoft has previously confirmed that it’s going to showcase Watch Dogs 2 at E3 2016, and today it released a new teaser for the game, while […]

Ubisoft Promises ‘Innovative Gameplay’ For Watch Dogs 2
We know for a fact that Watch Dogs 2 is in the works and that it will probably be released by April, 2017, but for now no exact dates have been given. Not much is known about the game, save for the fact that it does exist, although a recently posted photo the other day seems to have potentially revealed the game’s main character.

Alleged Watch Dogs 2 Protagonist Leaked In Photo
Earlier this year, Ubisoft pretty much confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 is in the works. However the release date for the game is still a bit ambiguous as the company had stated that it will be released by the next fiscal year, which means that it could launch as late as the end of March 2017, but here’s hoping that it won’t.

Watch Dogs 2 Will Be Optimized For AMD GPUs
Ubisoft appears to be working closely with AMD to optimize its PC games. During AMD’s Capsaicin event, Ubisoft basically confirmed that the Watch Dogs sequel is going to be optimized for AMD graphics processors. The company didn’t confirm directly if the upcoming game is going to have support for DirectX 12 but AMD’s Roy Taylor went ahead and confirmed that himself.

Watch Dogs 2 Will Arrive Before April Next Year
Ubisoft saw tremendous success with Watch Dogs so it goes without saying that it will come out with a sequel. That has always been known but Ubisoft didn’t really say previously when the sequel will arrive. In its latest earnings release the company has mentioned that Watch Dogs 2, assuming that’s what the sequel will be called, is going to be released before April 2017.