While movies that are based on video games tend to do rather poorly on the big screen, animations seem to be faring better. Take for example the Angry Birds movie which did surprisingly well, and it’s not just limited to movies either, Netflix’s Castlevania has also been extremely well received.

So much so that we can’t say that we’re too surprised to learn that Ubisoft wants to capitalize on this, and has revealed that they plan to launch an animated series based on several of its video game franchises. This was reported in The Hollywood Reporter where it seems that we can look forward to shows based on Rayman, Hungry Shark, and for more adult audiences, shows based on Watch Dogs, which we think is actually prime for such a setup.

Speaking to the publication, Ubisoft Film & Television, Paris managing director Helene Juguet was quoted as saying, “Every show has a different target that it’s aiming at and a different format.” In the meantime, Ubisoft has also teamed up with Castlevania producer, Adi Shankar, for a young-adult series Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe, which is based on Far Cry 3’s expansion, Blood Dragon.

Juguet adds, “Adi is such a great fan of video games. We share the same culture and references. It’s been great to give him the freedom to do something very fresh and bold with our characters.”

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