It was earlier today that we brought you a video on how children in this day and age, who grew up on the fantastic graphics of the PS Vita where handheld consoles are concerned, reacted to the classic Nintendo Game Boy. Boy, did their reaction make us older folks feel our age, never mind that in our hearts, we are still feeling young. Having said that, is there anything that can be done about the situation if you want a Game Boy to play with, but are unable to purchase a second hand unit online? You know what they say – if you want something done, do it yourself, and this is exactly what the 3D printed Game Boy is all about.

A fair amount of patience is definitely required, in addition to all the necessary technical know how, of course. Construct a close-to-life working replica of this 25-year-old handheld with the help of a Raspberry Pi, Super NES controller (where you will harvest its buttons and circuit board) in addition to some other bits and pieces here and there.

Adafruit has put up the files so that you can churn out the iconic portable’s case, in addition to throwing together a step-by-step instruction guide so that you know how everything ties in together. It will not be easy, that is for sure, and there remains the legality of the games that run on it, since it will handle emulated games that are stored on an SD memory card, with the added advantage of handling classic Nintendo ROMs that are floating around online, somewhere. Sounds like a great summer project!

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