Paradoxal Surfboards has made a significant eco-friendly leap in the world of wave-riding with their new 3D-printed surfboard crafted from upcycled algae and biosourced fibers. The founder of this surfboard startup, Jérémy Lucas, unveiled this innovative creation at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, marking a departure from the conventional polyurethane foam typically used in surfboard production.

This breakthrough was achieved by incorporating sargassum algae into the 3D printing process, resulting in a resin-polished surfboard adorned with a striking green edge that signals its use of this upcycled algae.

Paradoxal Surfboards upcycles algae into 3D-printed wave boards.

The use of 3D printing technology allows for the creation of a circular honeycomb pattern within the surfboard, featuring empty cavities that enhance its structural integrity. This design offers remarkable strength and durability, significantly reducing susceptibility to dents, regardless of the frequency of use or the intensity of the waves. The shift away from traditional polystyrene cores toward this eco-friendly innovation is a promising development for the sustainability of the sport.

This endeavor is not the first time that Paradoxal Surfboards has harnessed the potential of algae for their products. In 2021, Jérémy Lucas and his team developed a wax made from green algae collected from Ris Beach in Spain, further showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices.

This eco-friendly surfboard combines various materials, including thermoplastics and thermosetting substances, along with the upcycled algae and biosourced fibers, culminating in a 3D-printed plank that pushes the boundaries of both technology and environmental consciousness.

The inspiration for this innovative surfboard design came from the concept of biomimicry, with Jérémy Lucas drawing insight from the natural world. He stumbled upon an image of circular empty cavities at the nanoscale level, resembling diatoms found in algae.

This microscopic observation revealed an astonishing similarity to the shape of a surfboard, ultimately influencing the unique layout of the 3D-printed board. As of now, Paradoxal Surfboards is gearing up for a limited supply sale at the end of 2023, offering a promising future for eco-conscious surf enthusiasts looking to ride the waves in harmony with nature.

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