The past week has been all about seamlessly incorporating our smartphones in our cars. Google unveiled Android Auto, a new platform which essentially casts the Android experience on the smartphone to a car’s in-dash screen. Soon after its announcement Audi confirmed that its 2015 vehicles will come with CarPlay support. Apple unveiled CarPlay a couple of months back and its basically a projection of iOS in the car. Today it has been confirmed that an additional eight manufacturers have committed to supporting CarPlay in their vehicles.

Future models from Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mazda and Ram will come with CarPlay integration. With Audi joining the list earlier this week, nine new manufacturers have signed up in a short span of time. This brings the total number of manufacturers pledging support to CarPlay up to 29.

This year five manufacturers will release vehicles that will come with CarPlay support, these manufacturers include Honda and Mercedes Benz. The manufacturers who have recently committed might not be able to churn out a model with integrated support at least until next year.

iOS and Android are two of the most widely used platforms in the world and they have extended their battle to our cars. With people relying on smartphones more than ever it would feel natural to have an extension of that experience in our cars, an experience that’s safe on the road and offers all the features one would want when driving a vehicle.

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