apple-carplayCarPlay is Apple’s efforts at bringing iOS into vehicles and if you are looking forward to more vehicle makers to offer up the feature, you might be pleased to learn that Audi has confirmed that starting in 2015, they will begin to offer up car models that will come with CarPlay installed in them. According to Audi, this is the result of “intensive dialog” with Apple, along with work being done at Audi’s Silicon Valley lab.

Unfortunately Audi has yet to reveal which car models in particular would be getting CarPlay, so we guess we will just have to wait and see. Audi isn’t exactly a brand that is known for being cheap, but considering that Apple has partnered up with other car makers like Ferrari, perhaps Audi could be seen as a slightly more affordable option.

It should be noted that Audi will not be offering CarPlay exclusively. The car manufacturer has also confirmed that they will be supporting Google’s Android Auto as well, which is basically Google’s answer to CarPlay. This hardly comes as a surprise as there have already been a few manufacturers who have announced their plans to support either platform.

However we’re not sure if Audi’s idea of support will be like Volvo which will take advantage of the new Scalable Product Architecture which will apparently allow both CarPlay and Android Auto to run at the same time. Either way if you’re looking for a new car to purchase, perhaps holding off and checking out Audi’s options next year might be a good idea.

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