apple-store-5th-aveTrademarks have long been an important part of any company’s intellectual property arsenal, an Apple is one of the more “vocal” companies when it comes to their IP. It seems that Apple now owns trademarks in the European Union (EU) which will include the distinct Apple Store design, in addition to its features as well as layouts. Of course, the road to getting a trademark for the Apple Store “design” in the EU required select criteria to be met beforehand, including a standout feature that distinguishes themselves from the rest of the crowd when it comes to the likes of graphics and print materials.

I still remember how there were fake Apple Stores that popped up in China a few years ago, where folks who went in there to purchase goods within actually thought that they did so from an actual Apple Store. While some of those fake Apple Stores were shut down, others were renamed to “Smart Store”, so it would be interesting to see if there is any possibility of Apple getting a trademark for their Apple Stores in China.

Back home in the US, Apple does own similar trademarks since January last year, where the trademarks will encompass the store’s massive glass storefront, rectangular recessed lights, and and an “oblong table with stools located in the back of the store”, among others.

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