We do know that Apple has already begun proceedings against fake Apple Stores in China, and their cause is further aided by authorities in China’s southwestern city of Kunming have managed to pinpoint yet another 22 unauthorized Apple Stores. Nice to see their investigative work bearing fruit after weeks of discovering a fake Apple Store which looked so real, it even fooled the employees into thinking that they were actually working for Apple.

China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce in the Yunnan provincial capital have ordered all 22 stores to refrain from using Apple’s logo, this coming after Apple China hurled accusations at them for unfair competition and violating its registered trademark. In addition, the agency will set up a complaint hotline in an effort to boost monitoring efforts. Do you think this is effective enough to stop the fake Apple Stores, or will the threat of a bullet in the head work better? After all, China’s government is dead against corruption, so why not theft in terms of intellectual property?

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