Samsung’s plans to release a working and commercially available foldable smartphone has been rumored about for years. We know that the company has been working on the technology as they have demonstrated it in the past, but when exactly will we see it commercialized and available is a different story.

However it seems that we could be getting pretty close. According to the folks at (via PhoneArena), it seems that Samsung has recently filed for a trademark for the name “Galaxy X”, which coincidentally enough has been rumored to be the lineup of smartphones that will feature a foldable display.

This trademark was filed at KIPRIS, which is basically the body in Korea that deals with intellectual property. While Samsung has had phones with flexible displays, these flexible displays were fixed in their shape and design, meaning that they could flexed enough to be designed that way, but not flexible enough where you could fold/unfold it, which is what we’re hearing about the rumored Galaxy X smartphones.

There has been a bit of back and forth regarding the Galaxy X rumors where we heard at one point in time that Samsung almost decided to scrap their plans, but last we heard it seems that their plans are back on track and we could be seeing it launched in Q3 2017, which should also be roughly when the Galaxy Note 8 will be announced (unless they’re one and the same device).

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