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Sony ‘CinemaWide’ Trademark Hints At The Xperia XZ4’s Display
Sony’s next flagship smartphone is expected to be the Sony Xperia XZ4, which leaked photos and specs have clued us in on some features that we can expect. Now according to a trademark filing spotted by LetsGoDigital, the company has filed for the trademark for “CinemaWide”.

Samsung Trademarks Novel Feature Call ‘Celeb Alarm’
Given that most Android smartphones are powered by similar hardware, and that they all run on Android, companies need to come up with a ways to help differentiate their products from each other. It seems that Samsung could have an idea on how to do that with a feature called “Celeb Alarm”.

Samsung Trademarks ‘Metal 12’, Could Be Used In Future Galaxy Devices
Perhaps one of the lesser known features of the Samsung Notebook 9 (2018) devices that were launched last December is the fact that it is made out of a special metal called “Metal 12”, which is basically a lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy. According to (via SamMobile), Samsung has actually filed a trademark for it.

Nintendo Trademark Hints At Possible Nintendo 64 Classic
We are starting to see a pattern with Nintendo. Last year the company launched the NES Classic which they then discontinued, much to the disappointment and surprise of many. However there was speculation that the reason was to make way for the SNES Classic, which ultimately proved to be true.


Apple’s Mac Pro Trademark Update Hints At Augmented Reality Plans
Apple’s interest in augmented reality (AR) is well known and hardly a secret, with the company’s CEO heaping praises on the technology, and let’s not forget the company’s recent hire also has background in the tech. Now it seems that thanks to a recent update to its Mac Pro trademark, Apple has hinted at possible AR plans for the future.

Samsung Files Trademark For Galaxy X
Samsung’s plans to release a working and commercially available foldable smartphone has been rumored about for years. We know that the company has been working on the technology as they have demonstrated it in the past, but when exactly will we see it commercialized and available is a different story.

LG Files Trademark for ‘G6 Compact’ And ‘G6 Lite’
Come MWC 2017, LG will be taking the wraps off the LG G6, the company’s next flagship smartphone. However could LG have other devices up their sleeves? It is possible that could be the case because according to recent trademark filings, LG has filed for the trademark for at least two LG G6 variants.

Samsung Files Trademark For ‘Galaxy S8’
While Samsung has not said anything, many have assumed that the company’s next flagship smartphone will be the Galaxy S8. This is because based on the naming schemes we’ve seen so far, it makes perfect sense. Of course Samsung could shake things up but given how beloved the Galaxy S-series is, it makes sense that they’d want to continue leveraging it.

Samsung Files Trademark For ‘Beast Mode’
So far we have heard quite a few rumors regarding the hardware features of the upcoming Galaxy S8 from Samsung. However in terms of software, not much is known on that front and what kind of software features we might be able to expect. However thanks to a trademark filing spotted by, we might have an idea.

‘Samsung Experience’ Named Confirmed Following Trademark Registration
About a week ago we reported that Samsung could be considering rebranding its TouchWiz UI to something else. This is based on a screenshot which showed the name “Samsung Experience” in place of TouchWiz, thus leading to the speculation that Samsung could be changing things up.

Samsung’s Trademark For ‘Smart AF’ Hints At Autofocusing Front Camera
One of the unique features coming to the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be its dual lens design because last we heard, Samsung has apparently abandoned their plans for it. Instead what we can expect is a front-facing camera with autofocus, a trait that isn’t quite as common amongst smartphones these days.

LG Trademarks A Bunch Of Smartwatch-Related Names
It seems that if you are looking forward to seeing more smartwatches in 2017, your wish could be granted because according to a bunch of trademark filings, it looks like LG has several potential smartwatches and smartwatch features in the works that could debut next year either CES 2017 or maybe even MWC.

Trademark Filing For ‘Magic Toolbar’ Hints At MacBook Pro Feature
One of the more famous and persistent MacBook Pro rumors is that this year’s laptop could get a major revamp, and that it would feature an OLED touchpanel bar in place of the function keys. The idea is that this OLED bar will be dynamic/contextual so that it will change depending on what you’re doing or what app you’re using.

Capcom Trademarks Onimusha Series
Over in the Land of the Rising Sun, we have received word that Capcom has filed for a trademark for the Onimusha franchise, which is definitely news, taking into consideration how the company has also reportedly file a slew of other trademarks along the way. The Onimusha franchise is special in a sense where this is a niche series of samurai games which actually made quite the impact during the […]