titanfall burn cardsWe’re sure many of you guys have been playing Titanfall over and over again and participating in many matches. Well if you’re getting a little tired of the routine and want to spice things up, the folks at Respawn might have something for you. According to a post on the Titanfall blog, Respawn revealed an updated that will be introducing a Black Market to the game.

The Black Market is basically where gamers will be able to purchase customization options for your Titan along with the changing of your Burn Cards. The Burn Cards are expected to be sold in packs with each pack focused at a particular theme, so gamers will be able to choose a theme that they feel suits them best.

The good news is that the Black Market will take in-game currency. This means that gamers will have to farm for the currency by completing various objects, like completing a match, getting your first win of the day, and so on. Respawn adds that one gamers have hit level 50, a percentage of the XP you gain will be converted to credits.

The Black Market will be open to gamers once they hit level 11 and will have access to the Burn Card menu. Thankfully this is not a sign of Respawn heading towards microtransactions. The game’s design has reassured gamers that microtransactions will not be happening, so gamers won’t have to worry about it too much and just enjoy the game.

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