google-drawelementsGoogle is on a shopping spree yet again, having picked up graphics company DrawElements Ltd. This particular acquisition was done with the main purpose of improving their Android platform, and those of us on the ground have absolutely no idea on the terms and conditions that were part of the deal.

Apparently, DrawElements which is based in Helsinki, Finland, does assists device makers when it comes to testing out graphics chips in order to make sure that software developers will have a far easier time when it comes to building programs on their respective mobile devices. This particular acquisition will see DrawElements’ technology being incorporated into a Google program, which is a move that will hopefully see Android operate in a more consistent manner across a gamut of device.

Being a cash rich company, Google does look as though they are working on increasing the number of acquisitions with high potential down the road, at the same time “buying” fresh talent that could generate more revenue busting ideas down the road as part of their efforts to bolster its businesses. Earlier at the beginning of this year, Google did announce that they have decided to part with a whopping $3.2 billion for the thermostat manufacturer Nest Labs Inc.

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