add-reminderWe’re sure there are times when you come across something while surfing on the internet where you are reminded of something you have to do later in the day or tomorrow, or the week after, and so on. What do we do? Well we guess we can launch a calendar app to take note and remind us, but what if you could do it directly from Google?

Well in a recent post by the Google Operating System blog, it seems that Google has updated its search feature and will now allow users to get Google Now to remind them of certain tasks that need to be completed. All you’d have to do is enter into the search bar, “add reminder” or “create reminder” and you will be prompted by the interface above.

It’s a pretty nifty feature and according to Google, it will work in Android, iOS via the Google Search app, and Chrome for desktop. According to The Next Web, they claim that the feature is in the process of being rolled out and not all regions have access to it, such as Thailand or Australia.

However if you are either in Thailand or Australia and can access the feature, then we guess it has rolled out to you. If you can’t, just be patient and we’re sure Google will get around to it, but what do you guys think? Is this a handy feature that you can see yourself using in the future?

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