hots alphaGiven Blizzard’s reputation for making games, we’re sure many are eager to find out what Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm has in store for them. Unfortunately the game itself is currently in its alpha stage, although Blizzard has since expanded the alpha and is now including international gamers.

Now the good news is that Blizzard has announced that they have begun sending out their first batch of invites to the Heroes of the Storm alpha stage to international gamers. If you have opted in for the beta on your profile page, there is a chance that you could be receiving an email from Blizzard, notifying you that you have been chosen to participate in the alpha, which was previously limited to players in the US.

Blizzard also mentioned that the Heroes Shop has also been updated to support different currencies and different payment methods. For those wondering, the Heroes Shop is where gamers can unlock new heroes either by using gold or by paying for it with real-life money. Players will also be able to purchase mounts for their characters, as well as different sets of skins, which does sound a bit like Valve’s DotA 2.

If you’re wondering why should you spend money on an alpha, you can rest assured knowing that the money will be credited back to you at the end of it in the form of Blizzard credits. Blizzard also points out that the game is currently in alpha so that means that the game might not be as stable as they would like. There could be bugs and the game is expected to be wiped at the next testing phase, so don’t get too attached to your progress yet. So, did anyone else get into the Heroes of the Storm alpha?

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