Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm was the company’s way of taking on popular MOBAs such as Valve’s Dota 2 and Riot’s League of Legends. In fact Blizzard sort of had an advantage in which the characters in Heroes of the Storm are all taken from their various franchises, meaning that players already knew the characters before going into the game.

However admittedly the game isn’t exactly bursting with popularity, so much so that it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company is scaling back its development on it. In an announcement on its website, Blizzard announced that they would be taking some members of the Heroes of the Storm’s development team and putting them in other projects.

They also announced that they will not be hosting the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm eSports events in 2019. However this announcement should not be taken to mean that Blizzard is cancelling the game. According to Blizzard, “Despite the change, Heroes of the Storm remains our love letter to Blizzard’s worlds and characters. We’ll continue actively supporting the game with new heroes, themed events, and other content that our community loves, though the cadence will change. Ultimately, we’re setting up the game for long-term sustainability.”

It is unclear what the future holds for the game and whether or not Blizzard could be planning on revisiting it in the future, but for now, maybe don’t expect too much focus to be on it.

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