Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is essentially an amalgamation of all of Blizzard’s franchises brought under one roof (or game). The game started out simple enough where it featured the more well-known characters from Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft, but over the years Blizzard has slowly started to introduce more characters that aren’t quite as prominent.

Take for example last month where Blizzard introduced High Inquisitor Whitemane to the game, in which unless you’ve played World of Warcraft before, chances are that character isn’t familiar to you. That being said, Heroes of the Storm is getting a new character in the form of Mephisto, who for those unfamiliar is the boss of Act 3 in Diablo 2.

According to the description on YouTube, “Dul’Mephistos, the Lord of Hatred, is said to the be most cunning among his brethren. Even while imprisoned in a soulstone, his vile influence corrupted the Zakarum and manipulated them into breaking the seal, giving him free reign to reunite the Prime Evils and enslave humanity. Now he enters the Nexus where all shall kneel before the Lord of Hatred!”

As Blizzard notes, Mephisto will be a ranged assassin character, meaning that his playstyle is more about damage dealing rather than tanking or healing. No word on when the character will be released into the game, but if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the gameplay trailer in the video above.

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