Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has faced a fair amount of controversy, with some claiming that the images of some of the characters, and even the stories, had been pilfered from people in real-life without their permission. In fact a daughter of a mob boss claims that Rockstar had used her likeness and borrowed her life-story without asking her first.

Well it looks like Rockstar and its owner, Take-Two Interactive, have a new lawsuit on their hands, and this time it appears to be originating from none other than Lindsay Lohan, the actress/celebrity. According to a report from Associated Press, the lawsuit, Lohan alleges that there is a character in the game called Lacey Jonas that was modeled after her.

She claims the character sounds like her and looks like her, and has even been styled to look like her based on Lohan’s own clothing line. Would this be a stretch of the imagination? Maybe, maybe not. After all the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been known to parody pop culture in its games, so Lohan’s claims might not be that ludicrous.

It is unclear as to what Lohan wants from Rockstar or Take-Two – damages, removal of the Lacey Jonas character, admission, etc., but so far Rockstar and Take-Two has yet to offer up an official response to the lawsuit, but what do you guys think? Does Lindsay Lohan have a case?

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