cashless-wristbandIf you are going to make your way to Lollapalooza, which is a major U.S. music festival, you can be sure that it would pay plenty of dividends if you were to make your preparations a whole lot earlier. And by that, I mean ensuring that you have enough cash, as well as keep emergency reserves of cash as well as essential credit cards somewhere safe – after all, with so many thousands others in attendance, it is very easy to lose your attention on your personal belongings. Lollapalooza intends to change that by offering cashless wristbands so that attendees can pay for their merchandise, food and drink – using the wristband itself. This cashless mechanism might give you some added peace of mind, in addition to improving security and streamline the entire experience.

Of course, I am quite sure that another important aspect for the organizers to encourage the use of these wristbands would be to obtain more information concerning the purchasing habits of all attendees. Each wristband will carry an RFID chip within, where it will be hooked up to your debit or credit card, and will require a PIN number to work, so there is not much to worry about just in case you lose it. This does not exempt you from bringing extra cash on hand, as you can never quite tell just when Murphy will strike.

For those who prefer the old school way, both cash and credit cards will still be accepted throughout the entire music festival.

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