marvel unlimitedHeads up comic book fans! If you’re the sort of comic reader who prefers consuming their comics in the digital form rather than buying physical comics, you will be pleased to learn that in celebration of Comic-Con kicking off tomorrow, Marvel has announced a new promotion where you will be able to enjoy all of their comics for a mere $0.99.

That’s right, if you were planning on catching up with your Marvel comics, their entire library can be accessed for just $0.99. However and unsurprisingly there is a catch, and that is this promotion will only run for a week. For those who are quick on the draw and subscribe before the promotion ends, the subscription should be good for an entire month, so what are you waiting for?

However once that month is up, you will be able to subscribe to the Marvel Unlimited comic library at $10 a month, or $69 a year if you’re looking to save some money. There is also a $99 a year subscription that comes with some exclusive tidbits, so if you’re a huge comic book buff then perhaps the $99 plan will be a good idea.

In any case this isn’t the first time Marvel has kicked off such a promotion. Back in SXSW a few months ago, Marvel announced a similar promotion, so if you miss out on this deal, fret not because we expect that Marvel will most likely bring it back again at some point. So, who’s looking forward to a very busy weekend of reading comics?

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