New Villain Hinted At For ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home’s villain was previously revealed to be Mysterio, a member of the Sinister Six who is also reported to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal. However it seems that a new villain for the movie could have been teased in a set video uploaded by actor Tom Holland.

Disney’s Streaming Service Won’t Be A Rival To Netflix

Last year Disney announced that they would be launching their own streaming service. This was significant because it also marks the end of Disney’s streaming deal with Netflix where future Disney-branded shows would no longer be available on Netflix, and that was recently confirmed with Ant-Man and the Wasp being the platform’s last Marvel movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Additional Cast Members Revealed

Spoiler alert! For those who stuck around after Avengers: Infinity War, you probably saw how characters Nick Fury and Maria Hill were “killed” by Thanos. However the good news is that it looks like both characters didn’t die for real, because both of them are expected to play a role in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

Ant-Man And The Wasp Will Be The Last Marvel Movie On Netflix

Last year Disney announced that they would be ending their streaming deal with Netflix in favor of their own platform. It was also later reported that future Marvel shows could be exclusive to Disney, and now that much has been confirmed in a report from the New York Times where they reveal that Ant-Man and the Wasp will be the last Marvel movie to be released on Netflix.


Netflix’s Daredevil Season 3 Will Be Launching In 2018

2018 seems to be the year of Marvel, at least as far as Netflix is concerned. Not only did the second seasons for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage launch, but come September we can also look forward to the second season of Iron Fist. However it seems that is not all because even later in the year, we can expect the third season of Daredevil to drop as well.

New Trailer For Sony’s ‘Venom’ Movie Released

Several months ago when the first Venom trailer from Sony was released, it didn’t really show us much of Venom, but rather it showed us more of Tom Hardy who plays as Eddie Brock in the movie. For those who are itching to see more of Venom, you’ll be pleased to learn that the second trailer is more than happy to oblige.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 Will Only Run For 10 Episodes

For the most part, Netflix’s original TV series usually runs for about 13 episodes per season. However it appears that with the upcoming season 2 of Marvel’s Iron Fist, Netflix will be breaking protocol and will launch the second season with only 10 episodes, 3 episodes shorter than all the other Marvel TV series that have been released to date.

Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Unveiled

If you have yet to jump on the PS4 Pro bandwagon and you are thinking about it, Sony might have something that could tempt you. The company has recently unveiled a limited edition Spider-Man themed PS4 Pro which we have to admit is probably one of the more striking limited edition PS4 consoles we’ve seen to date.

Iron Fist Season 2 Launches On Netflix September 7

Last year Netflix confirmed that there will be a second season of Iron Fist. For those who are wondering about the second season’s availability, you’ll be pleased to learn that you won’t have to wait much longer as Iron Fist’s second season will be released on the 7th of September and will be available for streaming via Netflix.

Razer Unveils Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Arcade Stick

There are some games that play better using different controls. Take for example FPS games where there are some gamers who swear by the keyboard and mouse, while others claim that using a gamepad is the way to go. The same can be said for fighting games, where some prefer the gamepad, while others prefer arcade sticks.

Marvel Confirms ‘Doctor Strange 2’, But Unsure When It Will Be Released

With the success of the first Doctor Strange movie, we’re sure that many are expecting a sequel. It wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t. The good news is that if you were wondering about the status of the sequel, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed that it will happen, although the bad news is that he doesn’t seem to know when it will.

Todd McFarlane Wants To See A Spawn & Venom Movie Crossover

As you might have heard, later this year Sony will be launching the Venom movie. Now we have seen many comic superhero mashups and crossovers in the past, but if there is one crossover that Todd McFarlane would like to see, it would be one between Venom and Spawn, for those who are unfamiliar will be getting its own movie as well.

Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox Approved By US DoJ With Some Caveats

For a moment it felt like Disney’s attempt to acquire Fox could be in jeopardy when Comcast threw in a bid of their own. However it seems that Disney really wants Fox when they countered with a substantially higher bid, and while all of this sounds good, there is the question of whether or not it will be approved by the US Department of Justice.

Jared Leto Will Reportedly Be Playing ‘Morbius’ In Spider-Man Spinoff

As you might have heard, there were reports from last year suggesting that Sony could be expanding the Spider-Man movie franchise with spinoffs, and one of those spinoffs is based on Morbius the Living Vampire. It looks like the movie could be progressing nicely because according to a report from Variety, the lead character has been cast.