windows-phone-81-build-2014-015Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform currently does not have the lion’s share of the market just yet. In fact it does not seem like they are even close to having the lion’s share, and are forced to concede the majority of the market share to the likes of Android and iOS. That being said with such little interest (compared to other platforms), could Microsoft eventually give up on Windows Phone?

Well if you’re an avid Windows Phone user, you will be pleased to learn that no, Microsoft will not be giving up on Windows Phone just yet. In fact if anything, Microsoft will continue to push forward until they get things right. This is according to Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella who recently sat down with the folks at The Verge for an interview

When asked how Microsoft would change the mindset that Google and Apple has already won in the mobile space, Nadella replied by saying, “We’re going to change it by producing phones — where we grow in countries where we’ve grown from 3 to 10 percent, celebrate that. And then have higher ambition […] But at the same time, [we will] keep coming at it and keep coming at it, but have a core which you really are using to differentiate what your value proposition for the user is.”

He also mentions that market share is not necessarily a good marker for Microsoft’s future plans, and that instead of approaching it from a consumer angle, perhaps looking at it from an enterprise and productivity angle could get customers interested in the Windows Phone platform. We have to say we can feel his enthusiasm, but what do you guys think?

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