A new rumor today suggests that T-Mobile might soon add a new phablet to its lineup. Apparently the device is manufactured by China-based ZTE. A purported image of this phablet has been leaked online but no one knows exactly what it is at this point in time because ZTE hasn’t previously announced this device under a different moniker. T-Mobile is also mum on this as yet so there’s a bit of waiting involved if you’re curious about this particular phablet.

Though it doesn’t come as a total surprise to hear that T-Mobile is testing out a new ZTE device for its network. We first heard earlier this month that a ZTE device codenamed Olympia is headed to T-Mobile. Exactly what its specifications are and what it is capable of is not known at this point in time.

One can only guess if this is a mid-range device or a high-end device. So far the chatter about Olympia seems to put it in the mid-range segment. Obviously price will play a very big role in determining how ZTE’s new device performs on T-Mobile, for all we know the company might want to capture some market share by competitively pricing this device.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for an announcement by T-Mobile regarding this device. In the meantime we can also expect more rumors and leaks.

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