OfficecomHomeCrop780Earlier this year, Microsoft released Office for iPad ahead of their own touch-friendly version for Windows. In fact there have been some rumors suggesting that Microsoft could be working on an Android tablet version that could even debut ahead of the Windows version as well. That being said, when will the Windows touch-friendly version of Office be released then?

Well according to Paul Thurrott, the answer would be in the coming months. According to Thurrott, he believes that the touch version of Office for Windows and Windows Phone is expected to see a release in the coming months. No specific dates were mentioned, but hopefully it will be soon.

He states that the version for Windows will actually be the superset version of Office for iPad and will be designed for larger Windows Phone handsets in mind. In fact he goes on to state that there could potentially be larger Windows Phone handsets ranging from 6-7-inches in size, so perhaps with a larger screen, the Office apps will be more usable.

According to Thurrott, “So while iPhone and Android are stuck with Office Mobile, Windows Phone will soon catapult past them with the same full-featured Office Touch that Windows tablet and PC users will get.” Take it with a grain of salt for now, but Thurrott has been known in the past for his predictions, so hopefully we will see it come to fruition soon.

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