solar-coolingWhen it comes to generating electricity the green way, the use of solar cells is certainly one particular aspect that that is worth exploring. Although there are issues concerning the manufacturing process that is deemed to be less than eco-friendly, there are still substantial benefits associated with using solar cells. However, scientists are still working on increasing the efficiency levels of such solar cells, and a breakthrough seems to have appeared this time around in the form of cooler solar cells.

Solar cells do need to remain nice and cool in order to extend their life as well as increase the level of efficiency. Active cooling such as ventilation is not the most practical and affordable way to get the job done, and it could help lower the exact rays that the cells are supposed to gather in the first place. Stanford University researchers have come up with a new kind of solar cell that can cool itself, through embedding a pattern of extremely tiny cone and pyramid shapes into the collector’s silica surface, helping it bounce hot infrared wavelengths away without hampering visible light from generating energy.

Companies such as Apple are certainly spearheading their efforts in building up solar farms that are large enough to generate the right amount of energy in order for the company to end up as a self sustainable model, and that is an encouragement. With developments like the above, a more efficient solar cell would definitely be a boon to the entire world, and we cannot wait to hear more about it in the future.

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