chatting-bingBing is a search engine that has certainly expanded its capabilities from its early days. In fact, Microsoft has ensured that it will be more “open” in its “communication” with its human users. Bing will enable you to ask a question in the same manner that you would ask a friend. Take for example, (a question that no American should even ask in the first place methinks) “who is the President of the United States”, or perhaps something that everyone can identify with, “the tallest building in the world”, or “who played Morpheus in The Matrix”, and Bing will retrieve the most pertinent information concerning Barack Obama, Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Lawrence Fishburne.

The merging of conversational understanding alongside the knowledge repository would result in the ability to learn more about a particular area of interest. This time around, Microsoft will show you the answer to perhaps the question of “who is the president of the united states”, and then you can follow up that question by asking, “who is his wife” or “how tall is he.” The relevant information will continue from there, allowing Bing to maintain not only the context but also to keep the conversation moving forward. [Press Release]

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