cortana-animationsWhen one talks about personality, Google Now certainly lacks it – at least, at this point in time, of course, although Siri does have some sort of a personality that shows itself each time the personal assistant provides an answer to select questions, all the while making use of a tone in order to “flesh out” her voice. How about Microsoft’s Cortana? Well, it brings together a combination of audio cues alongside visual animations, so that you, the user, would be able to have a better idea as to what Cortana is “feeling”. Folks living in China would be able to take advantage of 24 new animations which were recently introduced to Cortana in that part of the world.

Some of these new animations will comprise of expressions such as “Ashamed”, while one can also select certain activities like “Bounce”. These will come into action each time Cortana attempts to pull your leg with a joke, or perhaps when saying a trigger phrase, which Google Now users will be able to identify with through their mention of “Ok, Google”.

How about folks who happen to live in the US? Well, they are on the receiving end of half a dozen new animations for the US-based Cortana, and some of them will be called into action when Cortana is asked to perform an impression.

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