Google Chrome has been known to be quite a memory hog, but for some users, they have no choice but to put up with it because of Chrome’s other features and perhaps they’ve used it for too long to want to make the switch. However, what if a feature that you never used ended up being a resource hog, wouldn’t that be annoying?

Unfortunately for some Windows users, it seems that following the release of the Windows 10 KB4512941 update, there have been quite a number of users who are reporting that there could be a bug that is causing Cortana to consume more resources than necessary. For those unfamiliar, Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant, although admittedly it isn’t used quite as much.

Some users are reporting that due to the digital assistant hogging all their resources, their PCs are now suffering from slowdowns. According to some, Cortana is causing resource spikes of anywhere between 30-40% and even using system memory when not in use. Making matters worse, it seems that Microsoft had a chance to deal with the issue before the update was released, but for whatever reason they didn’t.

While the update was being tested, users were giving feedback through the Feedback Hub where some had pointed out the CPU issues. Hopefully with the growing number of complaints, Microsoft will look into it.

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