Lots of interesting information has come out today from Gamescom. Sony revealed during its event that the PlayStation 4 has sold ten million units around the globe. It also confirmed the release date of PlayStation TV in Europe. There was some talk of Destiny as well, Bungie’s new title bank rolled by Activision to the tune of $500 million. The first Destiny multiplayer expansion pack was shown off today and its release confirmed for this December.

The expansion pack is called The Dark Below and it will be available for Destiny players this December. Bungie has added a new map called Blue Exodus that will only be exclusive to Destiny players on PS4.

Unfortunately Bungie didn’t say what this expansion pack will include and how much will it cost when it finally becomes available after a few months. Since there is considerable time remaining its likely that Bungie will reveal this information in the near future.

However the developer did release a new trailer which shows off the title’s Crucible multiplayer modes that will be playable at launch. Skirmish, Salvage, Rumble, Clash, Control and Combined Arms are the initial multiplayer modes.

Destiny just ended its beta run and the developer confirmed that players won’t be able to carry their progress forward. Its possible to pre-order the title now before it formally launches on September 9th.

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