simbaFacebook is a social network that has its fair share of heart warming reunification stories, such as a mother finding her son 28 years later, or siblings getting together after being separated for 65 years, not to mention a bride finding her lost wedding dress. This time around, Maria Smith managed to reunite with her lost dog after she was on the receiving end of threats from alleged thieves who claimed that they will kill Samba the pug, unless she passed them two thousand quid as a ransom. How did Facebook come to the rescue?

Well, the culprits were publicly identified after a Facebook appeal was sent out by Maria herself, and all’s well that ends well – the culprits eventually returned her seven month old Pug known as Simba, and without a scratch.

Looks like Facebook has yet another happy “customer”, so to speak. This particular search by Maria was a frantic one, as she went to great lengths on the Internet to help track down Simba. It was a few days after her appeal went out when folks on Facebook contacted her, and these people claimed that they were offered a pug for sale – whom they believed it was Simba.

The local police are already aware of the situation and have opened up an investigation file on this particular matter.

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