facebook logoIf you are a user of an Android-powered device that has Google Now running on it, I am quite sure that there has been moments when you found the cards offered to be uncanny, as though it functioned as your digital sixth sense. Well, that goes to show how powerful the application of collected information can be when used in the right manner, and companies like Facebook, too, would want to know more about its users. In fact, Facebook intends to keep track of its users’ shopping habits across devices to aid advertisers in their upcoming campaigns.

Basically, marketers can check out the number of users who have actually clicked on a particular ad, and will also know on which particular platform that the ad was viewed, be it on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, as well as the particular device that performed the purchase.

This tool used by Facebook to inform advertisers as to when a promotion was first viewed, as well as leading up to a purchase will surely bring about the specter of privacy concerns among users. What do you think of such a process? By the way, out of curiosity, have you actually purchased anything through Facebook in the first place?

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